Linux lab exercises

This article will give you a glimpse of information about all the laboratory exercises that I used for my Cristal Mind Academy Linux courses in 2018.

Linux lab exercises

Laboratory objectives and certification preparation

Those laboratory exercises were developed back in 2017, while I was a Linux trainer at Crystal Mind Academy in Bucharest, but they are always relevant to anyone who wants to learn Linux.

All the laboratory exercises that you will see in the following training sections are specially tailored to prepare you for potential certification in Linux Administration. The exercises follow the outline of both Linux Foundation and LPI training objectives.

I have been using this kind of exercises while taking the Linux Foundation System Administrator and Linux Professional Institute courses. Thus, the exercises follow the outline of both Linux certifications training objectives. Both Linux Foundation and LPI training are on-demand paid for training courses.

In solving the laboratories, openSUSE and Debian Linux distributions were used. In some of them, directions for CentOS/Fedora are given. To finish those laboratories, you are free to use whatever distribution you know best.

In addition, I adapted the Labs to the Crystal Mind Academy Linux Basic Administration course. You can use these exercises to practice along the course.

I wish you good luck.

Alexandru Calcatinge

Laboratories structure is as follows:

  1. Lab 1 - Boot management
  2. Lab 2 - Process management
  3. Lab 3 - Linux file structure
  4. Lab 4 - System Management (1)
  5. Lab 5 - Disk management
  6. Lab 6 - System Management (2)
  7. Lab 7 - Network management
  8. Lab 8 - Virtualization management and Shell scripting

A warning is needed, while going through those lab exercises. I had quite a bit of challange trying to find those exercises, as they were not used for a long time and they had a path from wordpress and drupal posts to jekyll and pelican static sites generators. Therefore, you might find some formatting errors every now and then. Please try to ignore them until I manage to make them right. Thanks.

Cover image credit: Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash