Mastering Linux Administration

Mastering Linux Administration: A comprehensive guide to installing, configuring, and maintaining Linux systems in the modern data center is coming out in June 2021. Stay tuned.

Mastering Linux Administration

This new title from Packt Publishing was co-authored by myself and a close friend of mine, Julian Balog. We would like this book to be your DevOps journey learning partner. You will start with the most basic Linux commands and concepts, and will make your way up to securing and setting up different types of Linux servers.

The front and back cover of the book.

In order to become a well established Linux systems administrator, you will need to learn much more than that. Modern times come with different challenges, and in order to stay relevant, you will have to learn specific DevOps tools and strategies. This book will get you where you will need to be as a professional in this field, by giving you the necessary knowledge to thrive. You will learn about cloud deployment, virtualization, Docker containers, orchestration with Kubernetes and automation with Ansible.

What sets this book apart from other Linux titles out there is the hands-on approach that we embraced. Right from the very beginning, we layed out a relevant book structure that will help you stay focused on the subjects at hand. The plethora of screenshots with command outputs and code snippets will double down on the practical side of the book.

Practical examples are assisting the theoretical foundation, which plays an important role in molding the 800 pages of knowledge inside the covers of this Mastering Linux Administration title.

The book will be available in June 2021, and we will make the official links to Amazon and Packt available as soon as they are ready.

Below is an excerpt from the preface of the book:

There are countless books on Linux administration, and some of them will still be relevant for years to come. But Mastering Linux Administration is written with the Admin turned DevOps in mind. We’ll start with the basic concepts and commands addressing the most common areas of everyday Linux administration tasks.You’ll learn how to install Linux on a desktop PC or virtual machine. Next, we’ll introduce you to the Linux filesystem, package managers, users and groups, processes, and daemons. After a quick primer on networking and application security, we’ll make the leap from on-prem to the cloud, exploring containerized workloads using Docker and Kubernetes. Together, we’ll walk in the clouds by deploying Linux in AWS and Azure. You’ll work with hands-on application deployments using EKS and AKS, the Kubernetes fabrics of AWS and Azure, respectively. Finally, we conclude our journey with Ansible and configuration management automation, taking us full circle to a DevOps-centric view of Linux.

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